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Ken Spooner

Out of the Blue

Mixed media
54 x 44 cms


This stunning complex abstract is an assemblage of forms in a steely and industrial palette, shot through with vivid reds and electric blues. The straight lines firmly demarcate the individual shapes and the strong contrasts create a dynamic energy.

The symbolism in this painting is not as immediately recognisable as in other works, however, close inspection gives clues as to the painting’s meaning. A vivid royal blue circle draws our attention to some of the forms; within that circle two shapes appear more detailed and depicted in lighter hues. Could they be the boot and the staircase; symbols which recur throughout the Spooniverse? The palette within the circle is more complex, with gold, white and brighter primary dabs of red and blue in comparison to the muted shades outside the circle.

The process of engaging with this painting replicates the process of a creative though arriving in the mind of the artist. It appears to come ‘out of the blue’ like a gift from an external muse, but in fact the ideas emerge from the brain, shifting and changing relation until something swims into focus and becomes defined and concrete. This painting is a mindscape, the artist’s brain zeroing in on a thought which shines more brightly as attention is paid to it.


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