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Ken Spooner

Pegasus (X Ray) *On Location

Acrylic on canvas in artist frame
89 x 89 cms
Framed size: 99 x 99 cms


*Currently on show at House of Hackney’s London flagship store. Please contact us for details of how to view and purchase.

This painting features iconic denizen of the Spooniverse, Pegasus, wings raised, face turned towards the viewer. His name appears twice: once above his ears and once in reversed script as “winged Pegasus”. According to the title, an x-ray is allowing us to see beneath the surface to the collage of colours, textures and symbols that make up his interior life.  This contrasts wildly with the flat, primary planes of the external world: the interior of Pegasus is filled with complex brushstrokes, stencilled patterns and fabric to add even more dimension, whereas the world around him is a calm, blank expanse.

This is a Pegasus composed of intricate layers of myth, belief and symbolism, reinvented for each subsequent generation and re-imagined in the guise most fitted to the moment, according to the needs of the creator. And yet a core of Pegasus remains, unmistakable, his defining feature “winged” conjured beside him by the magic of words.

The canvas is inside an artist-made frame and the colours spill over the confines of the wood, transgressing this ostensible ‘boundary’ of the artwork. But the colours of the frame do not line up with those of the canvas: it is as if the painting has been translocated, rotated or otherwise displaced, that this frame is not the neat, tidy box it might be supposed to be.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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