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Ken Spooner

Pegasus *On Location

Acrylic on canvas assemblage
80 x 60 cms


*Currently on show at House of Hackney’s London flagship store. Please contact us for details of how to view and purchase.

his picture shows one iconic classical horse in the guise of another – ostensibly, this the mythical Pegasus, but there is the suggestion of wheels at its feet and, although there are two wings, these are insignificant in comparison to the head – often a symbol representing the artist himself – which appears where a rider would sit. This could in fact be the Trojan horse, an icon which recurs in Ken’s work, and even its textured sides imply a constructed bricolage rather than a living hide.

However, we can believe this to be Pegasus since his name appears twice: once in large, partially reversed lettering down the righthand side of the canvas, and again, fully reversed in sgraffito between his legs. Thus by the magic of signs – and perhaps by the vision of the artist, who rides on his back –the human-created, earthbound Trojan horse is transformed into the mystical, living winged horse. Perhaps his wings are small because they are in the act of growing into life as we watch, his wheels shrinking at his hooves.

The palette is a rich, regal combination of prismatic reds and blues, the lapis lazuli of Egyptian royalty and the gold of wealth and power. This complex and beautiful painting shows the moment of transformation, the mystical act of imagination and the transfiguring power of art.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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