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Emma Williams

Peonies and Anemones in Cornish Pot, St. Ives, 2022

Mixed media on canvas
82 x 102 cms


This complex and beautiful painting rewards repeated viewings. Through the window the unmistakable form of Smeaton’s Pier is visible, placing this as a view of St. Ives harbour, with the coast of Godrevy Point making an exaggerated curve across the horizon, whilst the cheerful azure of the sea throngs with boats, from trawlers to yachts.

The foreground is a carefully composed tableau of textures and shapes. The patterns on the different surfaces – tablecloths, cushion, mat and ceramics – each echo the natural world, creating a garden for the bluetit on the lemon-yellow jug to perch in, as if at any moment it could flutter to land amongst the peonies at the centre. The picture-within-a-picture effect of the window view is heightened by this further layer of imagery, pulling the viewer deeper into the world of the painting, and the harmonious pinks and blues evoke the warmth of a summer afternoon.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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