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Jack Davis

Porthmeor Passage, 2022

Oil on canvas
150 x 125 cms
Framed size: 152 x 127 cms


The warm tawny sky and crisp white clouds are here mirrored in the sweep of wet sand of Porthmeor beach, the white horses of the waves reaching out to the viewer’s feet. The sea is a distant line of aquamarine, the burnt orange sky above it creating an almost abstract composition that draws the eye, a calming and reassuring reminder of the smallness of human concerns in the grandeur and ever-renewing beauty of nature.

“For me the painting process is a meditation which gets you into the present moment and allows the subconscious to come through, without the ego getting in the way. The more you allow it to flow the easier it becomes, although it is a constant struggle between what I want to do and what the materials want to do. Sometimes you have to step back and let the paint be paint.” Jack Davis

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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