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Jack Davis

Porthmeor Perseverance, 2022

Oil on linen
100 x 100 cms
Framed size: 125 x 125 cms


At a distance, this painting of Porthmeor’s famous beach perfectly conjures a horizon, far out to sea, against a velvety black sky with warm, storm-yellow highlights and a silver sweep of tide reflecting the light towards the viewer.

But as the viewer moves closer, the texture of the surface is revealed: strong impasto replicates the foamy volume of the waves as they break, and delicate washes of oil paint evoke the seawater against the sand. The certainties of the painting dissolve, and it becomes an abstracted tonal poem which evokes, as well as depicts, the eternal mystery of the sea.

In stock

On show in our Fore Street, St. Ives gallery

Provenance: From the artist's studio

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