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Jack Davis

Storm Approaching Zennor, 2021

Oil on canvas
120 x 150 cms


“My two favourite spots in the whole of Cornwall are Zennor and Porthmeor; between those two beaches there’s an incredible patchwork of ancient fields. I’m really drawn to the massive skies you get when you’re driving or walking through there and all the layers and intricate levels of these fields, it’s really like a mosaic. I really like at this time of year, the tone you get, the bronzes of the ferns. I have done a lot of seas, a lot of skies and I wanted to challenge myself.  At this headland, with the Atlantic right there, you’ve got no landfall but Newfoundland, six, seven thousand miles in the distance. You have all that sea, all that power, coming towards you. It’s inspiring.” Jack Davis


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