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Henrietta Dubrey

Story, 2021

Oil on canvas
25 x 31 cms


Two figures, an adult and child, gaze out at the viewer, the background a clear sky blue which is echoed in the shadows of their faces and the steady stare from the woman’s eyes. This blue, reminiscent of the Virgin’s robe, suggests that this is a Madonna and Child; perhaps the story of the title refers to the story of Jesus, which began in the arms of Mary and has informed the great art traditions of the West for hundreds of years. This Madonna and Child could be taking its place in the canon of Western art, to stand alongside paintings by Michelangelo, Raphael and Botticelli. Or it may be that the story referred to is more mundane: a familiar and repeated request from child to parent, and the woman’s gaze invites the viewer to empathise with the demands of parenthood.


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