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Jack Davis

Symphony, 2022

Oil on canvas
200 x 320 cms diptych


Diptych; each panel is 200 x 160 cms.

This vast, imposing diptych captures the grandeur of elemental forces and its sheer scale shrinks the viewer into a tiny observer in the path of this overwhelming display of power and natural theatre.

This painting could be a cloudscape with a storm about to break and the setting sun burning behind the heavy clouds. The horizon is a line of elemental fire, reminiscent of the creative power of the earth, erupting in primordial splendour. Over it, the heavy storm clouds mass in deep blue-black, their tips lit with dazzling white.

Or it could be the crashing waves on a beach, the sky filled with salt spray and diffused sunlight. The palette is extraordinarily complex, the merging of colours created on the canvas itself in an explosion of intense energy, moving from vivid sapphire blues and delicate lavenders to rich golds and champagnes, underscored with glowing carmines and prismatic orange.

Or it could be a pure abstract, the power and majesty of nature represented gesturally through the deep contrasts of palette, texture and shade.  Transcendental, overwhelming and dramatic, this is Jack Davis at his most powerful and thought-provoking.

In stock

On show in our Fore Street, St. Ives gallery

Provenance: From the artist's studio

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