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Jack Davis

The Heavens Open, 2020

Oil on canvas
160 x 200 cms
Framed size: 162 x 202 cms


This stunning painting appears at first glance to be monochromatic; a black side and a white side in continual and dramatic opposition to each other. But it is in fact an astonishingly complex palette of vivid colours: delicate baby-blue shines through limpid layers of champagne-gold, bold sapphire blazes against slate grey dappled with warm peach, and smoky mauve blends into deep navy blue.

It is easy to become lost in this mesmerising interplay of colour and brushstrokes which infinitely rewards closer study. But to stand back and look at the canvas in its entirety reveals an astounding exploration of pure light: massed forms which overwhelm the viewer with their power and scope.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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