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Emily Powell

Through the Night, 2022

Bespoke artist-painted lampshades


These lampshades were painted following the birth of Emily’s first child in the midwinter of last year. She created one a night, every night: each lamp forming a spot of light, like a string of fairy lights or a path marked by lanterns, throwing a warm golden glow onto the evening. A record of the life-changing impact of caring for a newborn, during which time can telescope, the days running together or seeming to take an eternity.

These lampshades indicate a recurrent theme in Emily’s art: the transmutation of the everyday, a domestic subversion of objects. In Emily’s work, the objects which surround one’s daily life are elevated and animated, given whimsical, emotional or magical significance, transforming the overlooked details of our life into, in Ariel’s words, “something rich and strange”.

Each of these lampshades can be hung alone or as part of a collection, over a light source or by themselves. £345 per lampshade; please enquire for further images and sizes of particular lampshades, and of the whole installation.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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