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Janet Lynch

Trewidden Spring I

Oil on canvas
81 x 116 cms
Framed size: 92 x 127 cms


This evocation of a Cornish spring bursts with life and new beginnings. The lush profusion of leaves and blooms could almost be a tropical jungle, as a mauve branch snakes across the scene, heavy with magnolia petals, and a rich tangle of stems and leaves fills the background. The ground slopes sharply down to the left, suggesting the steep cliffsides of Cornwall’s unique landscape and the branches close overhead, filtering the light through the leaves into vibrant green. A peacock blue of the sky is visible through the magnolia petals  and the deep terracotta of the rich earth shows through the lush turf. This painting buzzes with warmth and light, the complex palette reflecting the complexity of this semi-wild garden

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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