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Jack Davis

Trials And Tribulations, 2022

Oil on canvas
125 x 200 cms
Framed size: 127 x 202 cms


This almost completely abstracted work could be read as a depiction of a coming storm, the ‘trials and tribulations’ which must be weathered both literally and figuratively. The rich indigo and navy blues of the gathering darkness swell and fill the canvas, but in the centre gives way to dazzling light, which breaks through the clouds and seems to reflect from the surface of the still sea.

This painting could also be representative of the painter’s spirit, the urge to persevere in the task of truthfully and honestly capturing the power and beauty of the natural world around us. As Jack said: “Using the process of light and dark in the landscape represents the eternal struggle between light and dark, both the elemental symbolism of the landscape and the struggle within oneself.”


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