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Ken Spooner

Trojan Horse

Acrylic and collage on canvas
82 x 59 cm


This could almost be seen as a partner to Pegasus: again a horse bestrides the canvas in vivid blues and reds, this time against a golden sky washed with the invigorating energy of the sunrise. On its back a vase, echoing the classical vases on who sides stories such as this were first told. Its name is very clear: Trojan Horse, the letters of which are partially reversed, labels the canvas.

And this is another moment of imaginative creation: the horse called into being by the power of the artist-artisan, who is capable of both imagining its existence and then bringing it into physical reality.

This creator leans below the horse – Odysseus possibly, whose mind first conceived of the Trojan horse. He looks over his left shoulder, where the hazy form of the Muse can still be seen, her name ‘Venus’ appearing as if from another world. She is indistinct, but the horse which crowns Odysseus is very real and solid, tangible evidence of his power of creation.

The texture of the horse speaks to its constructed nature; Ken has used partial stencils to create uniformity which contrasts powerfully with the heavy brushstrokes and inclusion of textured fabric in the body of the horse. Blue, the colours of magic, ripples down the horse’s head and neck, as if it about to shiver into life.

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Provenance: From the artist's studio

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