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Sell Through Us

We would love to help you resell any paintings in your collection, particularly from notable St. Ives artists of the 20th century and artworks from our gallery’s artists.

We have previously achieved resales of artworks by Bryan Pearce, John Emmanuel, Ponckle, Sir Terry Frost, Henrietta Dubrey, and more.

We work on a commission-only basis at point of sale, the percentage of which will be agreed with you in advance.

While a painting is in the gallery’s care, we will market it as we would any other painting we are exhibiting, including featuring it on our website, including it in group shows (where appropriate) and reaching out to our extensive network of art collectors.

Work With Us

Are you an architect looking for paintings and ceramics as props on your next photoshoot? Are you looking for a rotating collection of paintings to show on the walls of your hotel or restaurant? Perhaps you’re an interior designer looking for a hand sourcing unique artworks for your clients?

Livingstone St. Ives are pleased to have worked with a range of architects, designers, hotels, restaurants, shops, private projects and more – and we look forward to helping you.

Image – Studio Far West, showing paintings by Justine Eavis

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