The Icon Series | Janet Lynch

April 12, 2021 - May 3, 2021

12th April – 3rd May 2021.
On location at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens.

“There was such a lot of chance and good luck involved in making these large wall pieces. I’ve always loved paper the happiness of being given a clean sheet of paper to draw on is still just as exciting to me today as it was to me when I was a child.

The chance involved with making these particular works is that they were provoked by the paper itself.

My mother, a beautiful violinist, in her later life took lessons in Chinese painting, and when she died about twenty five years ago she left boxes and boxes of wonderful rolled up Washi, and rice papers.

These remained in my small cluttered studio till one day I took a roll outside and laid it on the grass, and held it down with stones to flatten it out. In order to reach it properly, and not put any pressure on the paper I made an image using a sea gull’s feather dipped into Indian Ink . This was the beginning of making these pieces.

The pink marks were already on the paper – probably the result of being stored in a damp place – and I loved the quality of line that could be achieved with delicacy over quite a large area.

From that beginning , I started working on heavy brown paper pinned directly to the wall , adding the fragile papers to it as a collage, along with cut up Lino prints and etchings and even some paintings that I had already discarded. These had been put aside to be thrown out to make more room in the studio, but luckily had been left under my drawing table for several years. Gold leaf, cellophane, and wrapping paper were cut up and used for texture and interest.

All these paintings have human interaction and life experience at the heart of them. The journeys through live and the journey beyond life.

They are, in part, a diary of personal responses, not made with any thought of public exposure, and yet on seeing them up together in this wonderful space gives me very great pleasure and satisfaction.”

– Janet Lynch, April 2021

This exhibition has now ended. Please click here to visit Janet Lynch’s artist page on our website to view new work.

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