View From My Window | Emma Williams

April 12, 2021 - May 9, 2021

12th April – 9th May 2021.
In our St. Ives gallery.

We are delighted to present Emma Williams’ solo show, ‘View From My Window’.

This collection of small and large scale pieces are colourful, still lifes, framed by the terraces and window views across Emma’s much loved town of St. Ives.

Alongside these are a new group of paintings inspired by Emma’s now not-so recent visit to the south of France.

Painted throughout the winter lockdown, these paintings conjure the nostalgia and longing so many of us have experience for the places and views that we so love.

The joyful rhythm of pattern and colour reflects both Emma’s previous experience as a fabric designer, and the whimsical manner in which she can combine flowers and domestic objects into bold, narrative compositions.

This exhibition has now ended. Please visit Emma Williams’ artist page on our website here to view new work.

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