When The Magnolias Bloom

February 17, 2022 - March 22, 2022

17th February – 22nd March 2022.
In our St. Ives gallery.

Six of Cornwall’s magnificent magnolia trees, which declare the arrival of spring, are the inspiration for a brand-new exhibition at Livingstone St. Ives. 

A spring show bursting with new life and exciting beginnings. Featuring the works of Richard Ballinger, Henrietta Dubrey, Judith Kerr, Janet Lynch, Maggie O’Brien, Iona Sanders, Elaine Turnbull, Emma Williams and Alex Yarlett, as well at six stunning new pictures by Emily Powell, inspired by the magnolia trees themselves and named after the six Great Gardens of Cornwall.

Each year six nominated champion magnolia campbellii are monitored in six Great Gardens in Cornwall to record the date they come into full bloom. Spring is declared on the day that all six champion magnolia trees have flowered with 50 blooms apiece.

Director Alicia Livingstone explains “People often visit Cornwall to experience spring in its tropical gardens, but Cornwall’s secret is that, due to its maritime climate, spring occurs much earlier, and the best time to see the magnolias in bloom is late February and March. Last year, the magnolias declared that, for Cornwall, spring fell on Friday 26th February. We thought, if the gardens’ first flowering is not enough to entice you, our exhibition should prove irresistible.”

Please register your interest by getting in touch on [email protected].

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