16th February 2022 by Imogen in Blog

Livingstone St. Ives was delighted to play host to some of the future stars of the art industry, with two days of hands-on workshops at the main St. Ives art gallery on Fore Street. Over eighty students from the prestigious Sotheby’s Institute of Art Master’s program were there to gain insights into the world of commercial galleries and to have the chance to hang their own exhibition.

Director Alicia Livingstone gave a talk about the gallery as a business space, filled with insider tips for designing a winning exhibition, then it was time for the students to split into groups of ten and hang a selection of paintings in their own mini-exhibition. These contained stunning artworks from some of the finest painters in the St. Ives tradition, including Henrietta Dubrey, Jack Davis and Emily Powell. Gallery assistant Luke Stone and gallery technician & warehouse manager Will Thomas were on hand throughout to offer their expertise and ensure the works were hung safely. When the time was up, there was just time for the groups to view each other’s works and give each other feedback.

Director Alicia Livingstone said: “We were thrilled to meet the students and were very impressed with their enthusiasm and creativity. We hope to work closely with the Sotheby’s Art Institute in the future.”

In the evening, Alicia, alongside artists Emily Powell and Jack Davis, gallery director of the Belgrave Gallery Michael Gaca, and art historian and programme director Dr David Bellingham, were invited to give a lecture to the students of the MA in Art Business. The topics under discussion were how to run a commercial gallery; the opportunities for disruption in the St. Ives art scene, and comparing our experiences of starting a new gallery alongside Michael’s, who has an established gallery of more than 20 years We also discussed artist-gallery relationships with Jack and Emily, two of our leading emerging artists. It was a lively discussion with many excellent questions asked from the floor.

The gallery will shortly be opening its spring exhibition When The Magnolias Bloom from Thursday 17th February – we’d love to see you there!

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